Michiel Das - full portrait
Michiel Das - full portrait

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Having an idea is easy

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by Michiel Das

Surely this has happened to you more than once as well.

You’re peacefully showering and when you’re about to take the soap…. BAAAAAM! You have a brilliant idea!

But not just any idea, but a creative solution that will turn the world into a better place, and in the process will make you a millionaire!

What do you do?

In the best case you take a pen and write it down (but on the other hand, who takes a pen to the shower?).

When leaving the shower you’ll probably still be thinking about it, but in the end you’ll decide that it’s not worth trying because you lack time, money or motivation. In summary, because now is not the time. 

And that wonderful idea is forgotten forever.

Sounds familiar?

The story you just read happened to me very often before.

But then I started to change my methods, read about how to improve my productivity, and how to turn my thoughts into new, creative and different projects.

And since then:

  • I’ve been featured in the (international) press with a project to find a job (by letting 3 business cards travel Spain)
  • I’ve created 4 startups (that are still operational today)
  • I’ve written a book and planted a tree (in only 4 hours, the night I turned 30)
  • I’ve started teaching Digital Marketing and Branding in several business schools (which I’m combining with my full-time job)

Want to know some of my tricks to start taking action now? Have a look here.

What they say about me

Andreu Buenafuente

Andreu Buenafuente
(Spanish television host)
"An entrepreneur who knows how to differentiate himself from others."

Isra Garcia

Isra García
(Entrepreneur & writer)
"Michiel did not wait for the initiative, he took it. Neither did he wait for permission to turn his idea intro reality."

Logo Cuatro - Spanish TV station

Noticias Cuatro
(Spanish television station)
"Michiel managed to turn a simple idea into a Personal Branding project."

Logo elEconomista - Spanish newspaper

El Economista
(Spanish newspaper)
"The creator of one of the most original initiatives to land a job"

Logo La Vanguardia - Spanish newspaper

La Vanguardia
(Spanish newspaper)
"He managed to make himself known by using viral marketing."

Logo El Periodico - Spanish newspaper

El Periódico
(Spanish newspaper)
"He has created one of the most creative CVs applying the Theory of Six Degrees of Separation."

Logo RNE - Spanish radio station

Radio Nacional de España
(Spanish national radio station)
"Michiel knows how to turn a problem into a creative solution."

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