In this section I have summarised the most important projects I’m currently working on. Apart from these projects I’m also working on others currently in development, but I hope to add them here soon as well 🙂 .

1. Personal projects

El Viaje de mi Tarjeta

Public Speaker & Blogger

Logo El Viaje de mi Tarjeta - Michiel Das

/ From May 2012

/ It began as a project to distract me and keep me motivated during my job search in 2012, but the three business cards that I created travelled around Spain (one even stopped in the hands of Andreu Buenafuente) and my project appeared in various newspapers and even the national news. Since then I have not stopped receiving messages from people who have found inspiration in my idea to improve their personal brand, so in the end of 2015 I decided to turn my blog into a website with tips and tricks on how to stand out from others and differentiate yourself professionally. Read more.

/ Website El Viaje de mi Tarjeta

Brand Ambassador Club

Founder & Business Development

Logo Brand Ambassador Club - Michiel Das

/ From November 2015

/ The digital, demographical (e.g. Millennials entering the job market) and cultural (e.g. the retirement of Baby Boomers) changes that await us in the coming years will result in a War for Talent where only the most attractive companies will be able to attract and retain top talents. Therefore, I decided to create Brand Ambassador Club, a company specializing in communication and marketing strategies with the aim to convert our clients into attractive employers and great places to work.

/ Website Brand Ambassador Club


Co-founder & Marketing Manager

Logo Catchventure - Michiel Das

/ From March 2013

/ My interest in online marketing, search engine rankings and website development led me to co-create Catchventure, where we specialize in turning our clients’ ideas into concrete projects. We have developed projects for several international clients, but at the same time the project also serves us to create different spin-offs under our own brand.

/ Website Catchventure


Co-founder & Communication Responsible

Logo Catchbudget - Michiel Das

/ From June 2014

/ Catchbudget is a spin-off of Catchventure that we created after searching unsuccessfully for a good mobile application to control our monthly expenses and income. Unlike other applications on the market, ours is completely free, has an intuitive design and protects the personal information of our users (by not asking for bank details or display advertising). Furthermore, the app also features a website and a Google Chrome extension so that the information is synchronized at all times.

/ Website Catchbudget

2. Teaching

EAE Business School

Personal Marketing and Employer Branding Associate Professor

Logo EAE Business School

/ From March 2015

/ As an Associate Professor I teach Personal Marketing and Employer Branding to students from the Master in Human Resources (Fulltime/Weekend), where I have the pleasure of explaining the different steps of a successful Employer Branding strategy, along with examples of national and international companies that have managed to position themselves as an attractive employer.

/ Website EAE Business School

3. Collaborations

Mis Apis por tus Cookies


Logo Mis Apis por tus Cookies - Michiel Das

/ From December 2013

/ My interest in online marketing, startups and creative marketing campaigns led me to collaborate as a blogger on the website Mis Apis por tus Cookies, one of the most important Spanish marketing blogs. Each month I publish an article with an interview or an analysis on a specific topic, which allows me to be constantly informed about the latest marketing news.

/ Read my articles on Mis Apis por tus Cookies

Talent Clue

Guest blogger

Logo Talent Clue - Michiel Das

/ November 2015

/ As the founder of Brand Ambassador Club I published a guest posts on the blog of Talent Clue about the 9 most important steps of a successful Employer Branding strategy.

/ Read my articule on the blog of Talent Clue

4. Finished projects

Sant Cugat Network

Founder & Director

Sant Cugat Network | Michiel Das

/ April 2011 – January 2013

/ During my first years in Spain I created Sant Cugat Network with the idea of creating a local network of contacts and improve the networking between various professionals working at the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). Read more.

/ Website de Sant Cugat Network

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